Thought is Form

In Stefan Sagmeister’s 2017 MFA Design course, he asked us to typographically represent “something we’ve learned in our life so far.” I chose a phrase my grandmother used to preach to me when I was young: Thought is form. In other words, anything you believe in you will create.

With this prompt, I first imagined sleeping, snow-covered hills, breathing slowly as the forest awoke around them. As thought becomes form, trees and grass and little plants start to emerge from these snowy hills, and as the camera pans out the viewer realizes the words have been spelled out for them.

Art Direction • Video • Photography | 2017

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Behind the Scenes

This shoot required the help of three very patient models, all of whom allowed me to paint them entirely white and cover them in miniature trees.

Producing this shoot was certainly a unique experience, and the end result, while satisfying, felt more like a test run for future shoots (I would ideally have many more miniature trees and white body paint). Still, I was pleased with the results.

Thought is Form BTS 5.png
Thought is Form BTS 1.jpg