Julia J. Marsh
Julia Marsh | Designer & Art Director
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Take Care

Take Care

Stefan Sagmeister challenged my class to touch a group of people’s hearts with design. Naturally, I created a 20-foot-long set of letters filled with boxes of tampons and panty liners. The goal? Make people feel cared for.



In order to make a large impact, I secured a sponsorship from Brandless™ which enabled me to give away hundreds of boxes of menstrual products.  The event took place in front of the NY Public Library, where women (and men!) were encouraged to take as many boxes as they’d like. The goal was simply to make strangers feel cared for, and based on their reactions I believe I succeeded!


plenty of happiness

In addition to making people feel cared for, I also hoped to remind the public that having a period is a perfectly normal part of life.

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TAKE CARE for international women's day

I repeated Take Care in 4 additional cities for International Women’s Day this year. The video is featured below.

I built this latest series of Take Care letters out of plywood so that they may be re-used. Brandless has already confirmed they will continue to put these events on, making more women feel cared for and encouraging the conversation around menstruation to continue.