Take Care

In November of 2017, we set out to touch the hearts of strangers with a public act of kindness. After spending countless hours building in the studio, the words Take Care were spelled out in front of the New York Public Library in a 25-foot-long installation.

Each letter was filled with dozens of boxes of Brandless tampons and panty liners. The goal? Simply to make strangers feel cared for.

Since then, Take Care events have distributed 45,000+ boxes of menstrual products to people who needed them.

Public Installation • Art Direction • Video • Photography | 2017 - Ongoing

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International Women's Day 2018

Take Care expanded to cities across the country on International Women’s Day in 2018. This time, thousands of boxes of tampons and panty liners were given away to those who needed them.

For this edition of Take Care, the letters were constructed from wood so that they may be re-used in future events.

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Campaign Components

Take Care’s messaging is positive, focusing on the acts of kindness that make people feel cared for. Our accompanying booklets and activity cards highlight these moments.

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Brandless Pop-Up in NYC

In October of 2018, Brandless came to New York City and asked to include Take Care as one of the interactive exhibits.

Along with the Take Care wall, messaging throughout the pop-up asked, “What makes you feel cared for?” This manifested as tear-off posters and wallpaper for visitors to interact with.

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