Sway combats environmental pollution and degradation by replacing flexible single-use plastics with seaweed based packaging.

Packaging material makes up the bulk of the plastic waste on our planet, but there are very few sustainable solutions for flexible pouches, bags, wrappers and films.

The following are samples from my graduate thesis research, including preliminary development of the material, online presence, and brand language.

Art Direction • Video • Product Development • Photography • Copywriting | 2019


Crop Research

In the summer of 2018, I traveled to Indonesia to visit some of the world’s oldest seaweed farms. There, I learned that seaweed is an incredibly sustainable crop; it doesn’t require fresh water, land, fertilizer or much labor, and grows at a rate 20-30x faster than most other land-based agriculture!

Cultivating seaweed is also an environmental service. It actually increases biodiversity, purifies air and water, and reduces carbon emissions.

Thus, Sway proposes a shift toward the development of a thriving seaweed agro-economy in North and South America.

Photography by Matt Mayes

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Online Presence

The primary function of hellosway.co is to share Sway’s progress, generate excitement, and answer the many, many questions we’ve been receiving. 

Our website is complemented by our very active @hellosway account, which shares exciting news in green innovation, zero waste practices, marine life, interviews with scientists and biologists, and so on. We believe a vivacious social presence will help us to engage with people and garner the attention of potential early adaptors.

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The Sway Ecosystem

Sway unifies experts in biology, material science, packaging, sustainability, design, policy and beyond to create practical solutions for climate change. This means genuine relationships must be developed with people all over the planet.

Our website plays host to this ecosystem, along with our outreach program. We’re actually traveling to visit these experts in person, sharing their stories with the world so that we may come closer to eliminating plastic pollution altogether.

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The Brand

Sway’s brand is inspired in equal parts by the benevolent nature of seaweed, the vision we have for the future of packaging, and the vibrant community of people essential to this crusade against harmful plastics.

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SVA MFA Design Presentation

My thesis was presented at SVA MFA Design’s Venture 19 event in April of 2019. This 10 minute overview of the work and research has already grown, but the pitch is helpful in understanding my intentions for Sway going forward.

Prototype MVP (No Label).png
Prototype MVP (No Label 2).png

For more information on Sway, please visit hellosway.co