Honey Stinger

For this hypothetical rebrand, I was inspired to emphasize the more natural qualities of Honey Stinger’s product line. Starting with the logo and expanding outwards to one product, stroopwafels, new opportunities for storytelling emerged.

Branding • Packaging Design • Illustration | 2017


The Logo

The new logo uses typefaces which reference the whimsical and natural qualities of the company, while also signaling to the previous identity through use of color and lightning symbols. The mark is designed to work seamlessly in multicolor and monotone.


The Packaging

Honey Stinger stroopwafels are tasty and energizing, but their packaging lacks both those qualities. To help the company better distinguish itself from the competition, I developed a hexagonal wrapper for the stroopwafels which mimics the shape of honeycomb.


The Illustrations

Each new illustration represents an athlete demographic engaged with the Honey Stinger brand. These little bee athletes aren’t by chemicals or artificial flavors – they’re energized by honey.

Honey Stinger Poster 1.png
Honey Stinger Poster 3.png

Promotional Materials

The new stroopwafel packaging, through it’s bright colors and unique shape, is innately eye-catching. A hypothetical poster campaign would center on these components of the rebrand.

Honey Stinger Poster 6.1.png