Brandless Pop-Up with Purpose in NYC

In October 2018, Brandless came to NYC in the form of a pop-up. Designed to activate all five senses, floor to ceiling installations included a clean beauty bar, an organic snack wall, a bamboo forest, a Fair Trade coffee booth and more.

I was brought in to assist with visual merchandizing, installation and signage, as well as to produce invitations, social ads, print products, and video content for the event. The following is a small sampling of all of the above, including some behind the scenes images. 

Visual Merchandizing • Signage • Art Direction • Video • Photography | 2018

Brandless IRL BTS 2.jpeg
Brandless IRL BTS 4.png
Brandless IRL NYC poster help.png
Brandless IRL NYC Wall 2.png
Brandless_NYC 11.png

Moments of Engagement

Wherever possible, we sought to encourage tactile engagement. Positive words of affirmation, vibrant product displays, and spaces to write or sample were spread throughout the pop-up space.

Brandless IRL NYC Wall.png
Brandless_NYC 3.jpg

Graphic Elements

In addition to signage for the aisles and installations, I produced a range of graphics for web use. This included creating a compilation video of all of Brandless’s tutorial videos, several of which I produced, to be screened throughout the installation space.

08_Compilation Vid.png
02_Compilation Vid.png