Babayaga App

With the prompt of developing an evil app, Babayaga was born. The concept is simple: Mitigate workplace passive aggression with Babayaga, the app that confronts your enemies so you don't have to!

UX/UI • App Design • Video | 2018


The Interface

Inspired by Snapchat and Whatsapp, most behavior on Babayaga is quite intuitive. First, coworkers are automatically synced on the app based on their LinkedIn profiles. The interface is customizable with a variety of color presets.

The user journey employs what is notoriously known as a “Compliment Sandwich.” The app first prompts users to choose 3 positive attributes about their colleague before offering criticism.

Babayaga frame.png
Color Studies.png

Recipient User Journey

Babayaga’s advanced technology receives complaints and translates them into positive feedback. When Jack opens his Babayaga app, he’s able track his performance by week, review his behavior by key terms, and actually interface with Babayaga based on his coworker’s feedback.

This messaging system is what truly makes Babayaga so special. Mitigating workplace passive aggression as never been so seamless.

Babayaga Web 4.png