Julia J. Marsh
Julia J. Marsh
Julia Marsh | Designer & Art Director

Hello there! I'm Julia, a multidisciplinary designer from California, living and working in NYC.

Born and raised in the coastal town of Carmel, my greatest passions outside of design are the outdoors, the ocean, and travel. I spent a lot of time as a child crafting mandalas out of flower petals and orchestrating performances with my younger sister and pet guinea pig.

My undergraduate studies in English and Writing at UC Santa Barbara led me to the world of editorial design through various literary publications. I quickly became obsessed with graphic design and found every design opportunity available to me. My work ranged from directing photoshoots to orchestrating 100-page magazines to fine-tuning the label designs and marketing materials for a botanical beauty company.

Upon graduation, I was immediately hired as the graphic designer and art director for a small startup in San Francisco. It was there that my experience expanded into web and mobile design. I became savvy with UX/UI strategies and worked closely with the dev team, which helped me to smoothly transition into my next position.

I was the first in-house designer hired by Brandless, where I embraced the role of renaissance creator. There was particular room to experiment with stop motion, email and mobile design, product videography, social media content creation, and even installation work!

Now, I'm finishing my MFA Design degree at the School of Visual Arts. My thesis centers around protecting ocean ecosystems. 

Please feel free to reach out anytime via email. CV and recommendations are easily available upon request.